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More HD channels. More options. DIRECTV

When you bring the power of DIRECTV in your home, you'll know that you're getting the kind of satellite TV service that brings more of what you want in today's entertainment. Everyday, people all across America are making right choice to bring the option of more than 285 channels, including 170 high-definition channels into the home, as well as a level of technology that is unmatched.

DIRECTV caters to fans of all types, including movie fans, primetime junkies, and of course, more sports than you might know what to do with.

Begin your journey with DIRECTV today, and see why so many others have made the switch to the level of entertainment that is to be expected in today's world.

Programming on DIRECT TV. Leaving no one behind

Having selection with what you want to watch isn't something that can be overlooked these days, and with DIRECTV in your home, you'll always have what you are looking for. With one of the six DIRECTV packages as yours, you'll have at least 130 channels to enjoy at all hours of the day.

Local Channels

Keeping local affiliate content visible is something that many residents across the country visible strongly value. With DIRECTV, you'll get your local stations in HD quality (with an HD receiver) for a top-notch picture plus excellent sound.

Sports on DIRECTV

The results are in: DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports. Need proof? Check out how the DIRECTV Sports Pack hooks you up with more than 35 sports channels that cover all kinds of leagues from the college to the professional level. No matter what the season is, DIRECTV will have you covered with plenty of the big games happening around the country and even the world.

Be in control of what you want to watch

DIRECTV may have plenty of channels available for you to enjoy at anytime, but having more control of what you watch is something you don't overlook. Luckily, with DIRECTV, you have the power to watch what you want, when you want, and there isn't just one way to do it.


With the DIRECTV Genie HD DVR, you'll have the power to record several programs at one time. See what the power of a 1 TB hard drive can do when you realize just how much content you can fit on the Genie. The sky is the limit with the Genie.

Get the savings that you deserve. Make the call to DIRECT TV today

Ready to make the big switch to DIRECTV? A representative is standing by to take your call. All you need to know is which DIRECTV package you want, and any extra features you might want to have to go along. Open up your household to world of HD entertainment and superior service that you have never experienced before.